Pedrosillano Chickpeas, Box 1Kg


Ecological Pedrosillano Chickpea 1Kg Box. Pedrosillano Chickpea, It is the smallest variety of all the chickpeas grown in Spain, its grain is slightly wrinkled and almost round. The most notable characteristic of Pedrosilla chickpeas is their small pointed beak and their light beige color that sometimes turns yellow. It is a legume with a very intense flavor.

*Pedido minimo Packs de 3 Unidades.


The Organic Pedrosillano Chickpeas is grown in Colmenar de Oreja ,in an artisan way and 100% ecologic. It has not been treated with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, they are a small variety of chickpeas that are highly valued for their buttery and intense flavor. Once cooked, the Pedrosilla chickpeas fully retain their shape while their skin remains intact and without peeling, which makes tasting it a pleasant experience.

These chickpeas absorb 100% water in relation to their weight and volume.

  • Admixtures: Chickpeas FROM ORGANIC FARMING
  • Format: 1K Cardboard Box
  • Net Weight: 1000g
  • Origin: España, Madrid
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • How to use: Soak 8 hours before cooking.


  • ✅ Gluten Free
  • ✅ Allergens Free
  • ✅ Our product is NOT, does not contain, nor is it composed of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and it has not been produced from GMOs, nor does it contain ingredients produced from these organisms.

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Weight 1,070 kg


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